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Translation services

Translation is the process of transferring meaning from source language to target language. Linguistic and cultural traits are being transposed into another language. The awareness of cultural differences is vital for the work of translators as it provides for understandable and adequate translations.

Types of translation

Translation tools

We use translation memory tools such as Trados and MemoQ helping us create databases of technical terms and texts, thereby achieving accuracy and consistency in the translation of technical and subject-specific texts.

Fields of specialty

Economy, corporate affairs, tourism, wellness, beauty and health, nutrition, law, insurance, marketing, promotion, advertising, VET, mechanical engineering, technology, technical instructions, specialised publications, automotive, computing, etc.


For over ten years, we have been delivering high-quality translations and meeting deadlines. We put client satisfaction first.

Language combinations

Our office specialises in translations from and into English, German, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Serbian. We also arrange translations into other languages.

  • English, German, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, French ‹› Slovenian
  • Slovenian ‹› English, German, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, French
  • English ‹› German, German ‹› English
  • Croatian ‹› German, English

If you need high-quality translations, help in estimating the length of texts or a quote, do not hesitate to email me at or call on my mobile +386 41 413 422.

Simona Glavan Tušek / Univ. Degree in Translation (Slovenian-English-German) / PR Specialist

Guaranteeing flawless communication, maintaining consistency, delivering high-quality texts and meeting deadlines. These traits distinguish good translators and PR specialists from non-experts. The key to success also lies in commitment and life-long learning, both in linguistics as well as communication. As language is a living thing. As it changes. As I speak it. As I am a translator by profession. I am not only a walking dictionary, but I learn something new every day. I am committed and determined to achieve excellence in everything I undertake. This has been my guiding principle over the last ten years, which have witnessed many interesting, important and landmark projects.


Owing to our long-term experience in translation, our office delivers quality, precision, consistency, accuracy and integrity. We do not regard translation merely as our business activity, but our lifestyle, mission and joy. More difficult the text, keener we are to translate it. We solve terminology issues with experts in the field and contact our experienced language editors to resolve any outstanding language issues.

Academic background

Having completed the Translation Studies programme at the Faculty of Arts, I undertook training in PR and corporate finance organised by the Austrian National Tourism Office.

Contact: Simona Glavan Tušek +386 41 413 422


Translation rates usually depend on the level of complexity of each text and delivery deadlines. Our surcharge for urgent translations is from 30 to 50% above standard rates.

Usual price range:

Translation services:

FOREIGN LANGUAGE – SLOVENIAN: 23.00 – 26.00 € per translation page
SLOVENIAN – FOREIGN LANGUAGE: 26.00 – 35.00 € per translation page*

Language editing:

SLOVENIAN: 5.00 – 8.00 € per translation page
FOREIGN LANGUAGE: 9.00 – 13.00 € per translation page

*One translation page equals 1500 characters without spaces of the target text. Minimum charge for translation is translation page. Review is included in the translation, whereas language editing is not. Language editing for printed publications is charged additionally.