High-quality conference interpreting

Interpreting services

are an essential piece of the puzzle in the international success of companies, institutions and individuals.

Are you planning to organise an event with international participants and you need interpreters?

I provide professional and high-quality conference, simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting in different settings including international conferences, press conferences, protocol events and business meetings. If you are planning an event that requires interpreting, the following sections contain more information about my professional profile and the services I provide.

Types of interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting takes place in a sound-proof booth, where the interpreter delivers the interpreted text in real time, while the speaker is actually talking.

Simultaneous interpreting is typically used for conferences, gatherings, shareholder meetings and press conferences. Due to complexity and intensity, the interpreters take turns every 30 minutes, hence a team of interpreters is required.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is the mode of interpreting where the interpreter provides interpretation in longer sections after the speaker has stopped talking. The interpreter listens to the speaker, takes notes and then transmits the entire content in the target language.

Consecutive interpreting does not require special equipment; however it is a lot more time-consuming. It is usually used for business meetings, protocol events, working lunches, surveys and inspections.

Whispered interpreting

Whispered interpreting (also known as chuchotage) is a form of simultaneous interpreting without equipment. The interpreter in this mode of interpreting is not physically separated from the listener, but is seated next to him/her and whispers the interpreted text into the listener’s ear.

Whispered interpreting is ideal when the majority of participants speak the language of the conference and a maximum of two people need interpreting.

Conference interpreting

represents the most demanding form of interpreting taking place in the conference setting. There are three types of conference interpreting: consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpreting. I have extensive experience in the field and I am familiar with conference terminology and with the standard procedure for international conferences and meetings.

A more detailed list of institutions and companies that have recruited me is available here

Fields of specialty

European policies and projects, medicine, healthcare, social dialogue, trade unions, labour market, economics, politics, NGOs, sustainable development, environment, agriculture, sport, education, vocational education and training, government institutions and agencies, tourism, marketing, law, banking.


I have been interpreting for companies, individuals and international organisations for over 10 years. A sample of the clients I have worked with includes the EU institutions, the Slovenian government and ministries, Uefa, Google, Toyota, Slovenian and European trade unions. A more detailed list of institutions and companies that have recruited me is available here.

Language combinations

Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpreting from English, German, Croatian and Serbian into Slovenian, from Slovenian, German, Croatian and Serbian into English and from English and Slovenian into Croatian. If you need a high-quality and professional conference interpreter, help with setting up a team of interpreters or advice about conference equipment; do not hesitate to contact me.

If you need a high-quality and professional conference interpreter, help with setting up a team of interpreters or advice about conference equipment; do not hesitate to email me or call me +386 31 859 157.

Romana Mlačak / conference interpreter and translator


With over 10 years of experience in conference interpreting, I have worked for the Slovenian government, parliament, the EU institutions and internationally-renowned companies, such as Google, Toyota and Coca Cola.

Academic background

After earning my degree in translation and interpreting at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana, I did a traineeship in conference interpreting at the European Parliament. Following its completion, I passed an exam; hence I have been accredited as an interpreter for the EU institutions (European Parliament, European Commission and Council of the EU). I am a member of the Slovene Association of Conference Interpreters.

I gained a doctoral degree from the Department of Translation Studies at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. My PhD thesis “Interpreting in the Institutional Setting: a Case of Slovenian in the European Parliament” is the first thesis within interpreting studies in Slovenian. I have been regularly attending further professional training courses specifically related to interpreting, both in Slovenia as well as abroad (England, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hong Kong).

My values

In my work as an interpreter, I have always advocated three core values: professionalism, quality and impartiality. Professionalism is essential in conference interpreting: success rests on prior in-depth preparation, organisation and the familiarity with the setting and equipment. Quality is the result of life-long learning, constant development and continuous professional training. By remaining impartial, I ensure that the content is interpreted the way it was transmitted in the source language, without any distortions. 


How much will it cost?

The interpreting rates take into account the recommended rates of the Slovenian Association of Conference Interpreters, but they first and foremost depend on the complexity and duration of the service. Based on the agenda and information collected, I will prepare a more detailed quotation. In cooperation with you, I will determine the most appropriate mode of interpreting for your event and assemble a team of highly competent interpreters. I can also recommend conference equipment providers.